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Selasa, 21 Mei 2013

Shake n go murah!!!

 RM 100
sms @whatsap 019-699 5956

Before blenders were invented, people satisfied their sweet tooth cravings for a smoothie by feasting on veges and fruits, milk, sugar and ice cubes, before proceeding to hit the floor with a twist dance. Concoct a steady stream of delectable nourishments easily with a Shake N’ Take Mini Blender.

Motor Base: Wattage: 180wOn/off power switch with safety interlock
Weight: 684gDimension: 5.5" (tall) x 4" (diameter)Travel Bottle:
Weight: 4.3oz (123g)Dimension: 9" (tall) x 2.5" (diameter)Maximum container
volume: 16oz Instantly blending smoothies and protein shakes, the stainless steel blades can crush ice as well as blend fruit, yogurt, and cream.
Equipped with a convenient flip top straw, your refreshingly healthy snack is good to go.

Senang dibawa ke mana mana. Sangat mudah digunakan dalam penyediaan jus buah pilihan. Juga sesuai untuk penyediaan minuman kesihatan seperti Herba Life, Shaklee, SD2 dan ice blended lain. Ianya kecil, cantik dan mudah dibawa.

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